Christmas Update


Dates to Remember

Final Fabric Order Cut Off 10/12/2013

Christmas Annual Close Down 23/12/2013
Until 14/01/2013

Phones Will Still Operate For January Bookings

A Timely reminder of our dates so you don't get caught short this Christmas. If you need a job done for early next year, save time and have your fabric ordered this year. A lot of our delays with carrying out work are because of fabric hold ups.
After the recession a few years ago, New Zealand suppliers like many businesses at the time;
changed the way they did business. They decided not to hold large stocks of fabric on hand in the country mainly due to the costs involved in holding and maintaining it. We have small stocks of popular fabric but
most orders are dispatched from Australia, if they are not on hand there - they have to come from the mills.
Most of the mills are located overseas in countries such as South Africa, France, Asia, America just to name a few. The most common way these are freighted is by way of sea container. Hence the 14 day up to 3 month wait for fabrics - this is called back order. Some times with certain fabrics, suppliers wait until they have filled an order for a complete roll before they bring it in.
So plan with this in mind, we quite often have jobs with clients supplying the fabric which is good if the job is urgent.
Have a great weekend!


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